Sharas Life Development

Mike and Shannon, co-owners of Sharas, are considered perspective experts by the Fortune 500 companies who pay them to train their employees. Sharas curriculum provides a holistic approach to communication in the both the workplace and everyday personal interactions. They believe people who think outside the box are awesome, but the key to great communication is realizing YOU create the box. If you would like them to explain this profound concept, contact them. Don’t be afraid. They’re different, but pretty darn friendly.

They’ll help you create the box (life perspective) you want.


Fun facts: In 2015 Sharas Life Development, LLC became approved Registered Education Providers by Project Management Institute.



*These people just had a session with Sharas Life Development. Look how happy it made them.

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Sharas Life Development








*Not really, but you’ll look something like that after our guidance. For example, you might wear a blue shirt and a smile.